HEY GUYS! So, my best friend and I made a proper blog and we’re gonna review stuff and just make posts and y’all should follow it because I know we’re gonna make it big (fake it til’ ya make it) and we would really appreciate it thank you i love you 

we will be talking about 5sos and one direction and harry potter and other shenanigans

Hey hey hey, can you please ship me? There's an about page/face page on my blog. Thanks gorgeous :) x

You look so much like my sister! And you and Luke :)

Could you ship me please? I have an about me page on my blog:) thanks sweetie x

Holy shit, you are so gorgeous. And you and Ashton :)

Can you ship me? i have really long (lol i need to get it cut) dark brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes, 5'3, i love all music but mostly acoustic covers, i dance like everyday except sunday haha, and cuddles are my favorite

You and Ashton :)

Can you ship me? 5'2, long dark brown hair with [natural] blond highlights, dark brown eyes, tanned skin... I love indie, rock and some pop music, comedy and action films, reading/writing and singing very loudly, very off-key ahahah xxx

You and Luke :)

Can you ship me? I'm 5'8 with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. Im also curvy.I'm a pretty big book worm, and I'm overly sarcastic. I love all types of music. ( I love bands like Pierce the veil, all time low, Nina Nesbitt ect) I am also in a band :)

I’m so jealous, I want to be in a band! Someone be in a band with me, I sing! Hahaha, and you and Lucas!

Can you ship me ? I have dark brown hair & eyes . I'm curvy :-( and I love skateboarding and soccer ! I also love bands :-D

NOOO. CURVY = GOOD. SKINNY = GOOD. IF YOU HAVE A BODY = GOOD. And you and the punk named Cal :)

Can you ship me? I'm 5'9" have bright purple hair, like Indie music classic rock and bad puns(:

You and Ashton :)

Thanksgiving break, everyone! Send me requests :)

Can you ship me please? I have long brown hair and brown eyes I'm 5'1 and I like old bands like kiss and led zeppelin >.<

You and Calum :)